Reproductive Services

  • Companion Animal Reproduction

    Planning a companion animal breeding can be complicated and costly. To increase speed and accuracy of timed breedings, Riverstone offers vaginal cytology, as well as progesterone testing to give you…

  • Artificial Insemination

    If natural reproduction is not a viable option for your animal, we offer artificial insemination for canine, equine and bovine patients.

  • Bovine Obstetrics

    Riverstone offers estrus synchronization, artificial insemination, pregnancy ultrasound and obstetrical assistance for bovine patients.

  • Equine Breeding

    Riverstone’s equine reproductive services include estrus synchronization, artificial insemination, reproductive and pregnancy ultrasound, as well as caslick surgeries and foaling assistance.

  • Caesarian Section

    Most animals give birth without any complications. However, mothers occasionally need help with delivery. We usually attempt to resolve the problem using medical therapy first, but when that doesn’t solve…