Teeth Floating

Did you know that horses’ teeth grow continuously and require regular dental care? It’s true! As your horse’s teeth grow, they are worn down by the motion of chewing, and often wear in an uneven pattern, resulting in very sharp points that can cause mouth pain and will affect how well your horse can chew his food. Dental problems are often the cause of bit aversion and head tossing and can be avoided or remedied by routine dental procedures. Teeth floating is the process of leveling the tooth surface and smoothing edges so that your horse can chew comfortably and efficiently. It also allows the bit to glide smoothly over the front of the teeth, improving comfort during riding. This process requires standing sedation and special equipment, and should only be performed by your veterinarian. Your veterinarian will check your horse’s teeth at each annual exam and may suggest floating them. Ask us about our teeth floating today!


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